Parking Sensors

Reverese Cameras

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  • HD Quality Video Recording
    SXVGA High-Definition megapixel camera lens records video images with amazing clarity. 15 FPS in SXVGA, 30 FPS in VGA.
  • Event & Continuous Recording
    Easily select your recording method. Either event (shock & record button only) or full-time video record.
  • Excellent Analysis Software
    Search, playback, analyze, & save videos on your PC. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
  • Emergency Record Button
    Activate recording manually (event mode) or flag important videos for later (continuous mode).
  • Audio Recording
    The internal omni-directional microphone captures audio recordings along with video (You have the option to turn this off).
  • Secure Video Recording
    Video is captured in proprietary format. Embedded capacitor ensures proper shut-down in case of power interruption.
  • Shock Sensor Graph
    Recorded incident data is displayed in a clear graph during PC viewer playback. Internal G-sensor records X, Y, & Z axis.
  • Condition Check-up
    Automatically verifies the system is accurately recording and proper operating conditions using LED and audible alarm.
  • Video Output
    Allows users to see a live video feed on a navigation system or LCD display inside the vehicle.
  • Detailed Data Recording
    GPS & shock data is recorded and saved every second in a separate folder in CSV format. Data is recorded full-time regardless of video record mode.
  • Integrated Google Map
    Location & route is displayed on Google™ Maps, which moves along with the video playback. You can also export data to Google Earth with the click of a button.
  • Innovative Design
    Smart cylindrical design enables recording of interior or exterior of vehicle. Unique ring mount and holder make it easy to adjust to any angle windshield.