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Smarty Delivers ! In Car Camera Recorder

The most stable and reliable mini Drive Recorder in the world.

          In Car Camera Recorder

Smarty BX1500 Plus is an in-Car camera that utilises state of the art technology to provide a simple black box recorder for any vehicle.The video recorder is ideal for, driver feedback Improves driver and road safety and can possibly help in insurance claims in case of an accident. It's the "BLACK BOX" in your car!  Smarty BX1500 is a drive partner for your safety and Mobile data solutions for professionals.  It can be used in cars, trucks, buses, trains, trams forklifts etc. We can professionally install this or you can, plug the unit into the lighter socket 12 or 24 Volt system, attach to the window and Smarty immediately starts recording video, GPS location, speed and any impact, sudden braking, hard acceleration or swerving incident recorded by the G-Sensor.
Integrating with Google maps the Smarty software viewer provides easy analysis of any incident location allowing video review and visual G-Sensor incident identification.

The most stable and reliable mini Drive Recorder in the world.

The Smarty Cam can record continuously for up to one week (167 hours) when in NORMAL 320x240 recording mode at 1 frame per second.
In EVENT mode (where only G-Sensor events are recorded) each event uses only 30 seconds of video time. Smarty can store up to 1,000 events per SD memory card. In case of an incident Smarty Cam records for 5 seconds after power has stopped

How will a in car recording camera  help you?

  • 80% Saving in lower crash costs
  • 40% Reduction in vehicle crashes
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced driver training
  • Printable accident report.
  • Thumbnail Image Search
  • GPS - Interlocked Google Map (Google Earth)
  • Auto, continuous or manual recording possible.