Parking Sensors

Reverese Cameras

1300 008 664

  • Event Recording
  • Records 15 sec prior and 5 sec post incident
  • Secure video recording
  • Embedded super capacity assures recording without failure in case of
  • abnormal power shut down
  • Full-time recording of shocks /speed / location information
  • Easy management of route and driving habit through full-time recording of shocks /vibrations / speed / location (BX1000 Plus)
  • Excellent analysis software
  • Search, play and analyze by speed / shocks / location data
  • Shock sensor graph
  • Recorded data of incidents can be displayed in a clear-cut graph through 3G sensor
  • Integrated Google Map(BX1000 Plus)
  • Embedded GPS, record location and recorded content of the accident can be displayed simultaneously
  • Emergency recording button
  • Record with a single button-for instant manual operation override
  • Condition Check-up
  • Checks accurate recording and operating condition using LED and alarm
  • Innovative Design
  • Smart cylindrical design enables recording of vehicle interior as well as standard exterior recording
  • Includes 4GB SD Card