Parking Sensors

Reverese Cameras

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BX1500 HD Series Features:

  • High-Definition (HD) Quality Video Recording: HD megapixel camera lens records video images with clarity up to 30 FPS.
  • Recording Modes: Either record events (initiated by shock & record button) or full time video recording.
  • User Friendly Analysis Software: Search, play and analyze by speed / shocks / location data on your PC.
  • Emergency Record Button: Activates recording manually (event mode) or flag important videos for late analysis (continuous recording mode).
  • Audio Recording: A built in microphone captures audio along with video. This option can be disabled if needed.
  • Shock Sensor Graph: Recorded data is displayed in a graph format during PC viewing playback. G-sensors record in X, Y and Z axis.
  • Google Maps support: By using embedded GPS, recorded location and image data of the accident can be displayed simultaneously.
  • Condition Check-up: Checks accurate recording and operating condition using LED and buzzer.
  • SD Card Slot: Data is recorded onto an SD Card that slides into the side of the unit. The unit is supplied with 32Gb SD Cards.
  • Video out:  Connection for local monitoring and playback via optional monitor.
  • Additional Extras: These include hard wire kit, smarty lock and suction cup mount.