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Posted by Caracc at 01:00, April 19 2010.

Professional Car accessory's merging from the Auto Electrcial Industry has been providing some of Australia's biggest fleet companies for the last 21 years with there Bluetooth Car Kits, Gps Tracking Systems , Reversing Sensors and Reversing Cameras. And also our new addition to the range vehicle driver recording camera.

Professional car accessory's in addition to our services we provide to all our customers, our Government & Corporate Companies enjoy an unlimited level of support and planning of installation strategy.  

We pride ourselves on our complete transparency in our installation process. Our Auto Electrical Knowledge base & reputation is second to none, including our Honesty with a Quality to detail is a unique service in the industry, and one which sets us apart from other leading installation companies.

We are the leaders in advanced technology equipment, and are always striving to bring our clients the best of the best. We are always researching our products to make sure they comply with our quality assured guidelines.

Why use Car-accessorys? Would you trust anybody else with your vehicles electrical system. The Automotive industry has advanced to the point that you would not believe. I'll give you an example in the olden day vehicles you would have 5 wires running to the rear of your vehicle to run your tail light circuit. Today due to the technology of can-bus systems believe it or not,  we can run the same amount of tail lights with only 2 wires. So this means as cars advance the average Installer hasn't got a hope in the world of understanding the technology behind the new everyday vehicles and can-bus systems, you would require extra Knowledge & extensieve traning in the automotive elecrical systems and wiring in such complex cars these days, to install your car accessories without damage to your vehicles wiring system.

This can result in serious problems it is impossible to tap into the can-bus system in vehicles without the right knowledge and interfaces. Some can-bus systems are also linked to the BCM & engine ECU computer one wrong connection anywere in the can-bus system can result in ECU failure. We have seen some serious and I mean serious mistakes in vehicles, when we are called out to a simple hands free car kit that has been installed incorrectly from microphone wires running across the drivers side pillar airbag which will stop the side air bags from deploying to wires connected to the SRS system (Airbag) this is not a laughing matter this can be serious, if a installer taps into the SRS system(airbag)and they are kneeled down beside the drivers seat when they connect the wires to the SRS system the airbag can deploy and it will definitely throw you a good 4 to 5 meters and if he is really lucky he will survive. Yes i am serious! see airbags were designed to inflate and the point of impact is the centre of the airbag not the side this why the side of the airbag is so dangerous. No we are not trying to scare you just stating what we have come across in the previous years in the automotive industry.

Do you really want these sort of unqualified Installers working on your car remember as we always say "THE BITTERNESS OF POOR QUALITY LINGERS LONG AFTER THE SWEETNESS OF LOW COST IS FORGOTTEN" Yes how many times have we taken a punt on a cheaper tradesman only to find that, what you we're led to believe you are getting, is not really what you wanted (damage to the job, not working correctly, constant calls to the tradesman to get it right. etc) Due to the lack of skill and knowledge by the tradesman not emerging with technology, and this explains why these tradesman can charge less because of the lack in experience. As apposed to what the more expensive tradesman is offering can be totally different yes because experience & professionalism & Knowledge plays a big part and is what you are paying for, most of the time if they are professionals you get what you wanted with less head aches, no damage, no wiring damage to the vehicle and providing they have a ethical business sense and a good reputation you really can't surpass.  

This is why the Government and Corporate Companies trust and work with Professional Car Accessory's with their advice &  Installations and vehicle technology products.

And with Our Nationwide Service we can provide Installations and advice & technical support in all the major cities

We also offer our No Holes guarantee and our life time warranty on installations services

We will not be beaten on Honesty, Quality & Service.